Why choose a professional photographer?

This is probably the question about I care most.

After years of experience I have often found myself faced with customers who tended more to evaluate the costs and the products offered rather than their work, and in most cases they turned to suppliers who offered very advantageous packages but with "poor contents" .

I certainly do not say that they are aspects to be underestimated, but we must always bear in mind that photography, like the video, is "the only thing that actually remains of your special day".

Your operators are your eyes of memory. So I always suggest to evaluate the style of your photographer first of all.

What is your photographic style?

I am a matrimonialist photographer with reportage style. This means that my talent is to capture the truth and realism of the current moment, letting things happen naturally.

There is no real direction, but a great capacity for observation aimed at capturing the true emotions and the atmosphere of the scene.

Why choose the reportage style?

This style guarantees the uniqueness of the product, you will never have images standardized or similar to those of another couple. Because'?

Simply your day is unique and its uniqueness includes unique factors: the light, the tension, the location, the details, the emotions of a moment.

In short, something unique.

However, it is not just about being present and catch the situations; as a photographer I propose myself in such a way as to enhance and enclose them exploiting the technical knowledge of the photographic medium: framing, light, exposure, etc.

Your reportage style offers me a unique product, but is it complete?

Absolutely yes. When I am contacted by future spouses, I always underline that in my marriage service some types of photographs, that do not fit strictly into this photographic style, can not be missing.

Among your memories you can not miss photos that portray you with some special people: parents, an important friend, a distant relative, witnesses.

So do not hesitate to ask for it!

Together we can determine where and when to do them.

I also emphasize that the details of the day are important too. You will have spent a lot of time deciding on the arrangements and style of your wedding, so it is essential that you find a memory of the location, the flowers, the wedding rings, every little or big thing that represents you.

How do you work?

Discretion is my slogan. I do not like to interfere with the events of the day.

I will "limit myself" to being present and adapt to your needs.

I do not work only in Florence or in Tuscany, but I'm available for transfers whatever the destination.

How important is the Location?

I would be a bit hypocritical to say that it has no value.

As a photographer I am subject to real factors: light and space.

Light and Location, what else?

I do not ask anything else that you are yourself !!!

However, I want to underline that nothing of what does not exist can not be photographed.

So while making available my ability to anticipate and capture unrepeatable moments, I will not be able to do much if nothing happens.

It is up to you and your guests to help me make sure that many things happen in order to make the story unique and fantastic.

What does your service include?

As far as I'm concerned, personalization starts here.

In fact, the times of a marriage are, in general, all very similar.

But I love putting myself at the disposal of the couple to establish together what are the steps of the whole day.

So I follow you from the preparation of the wedding couple to the first dances.

However, there are no limitations on choosing to use my services by splitting or extending them.

What happens after the photo shoot?

Inclusive in the service, I offer all the shots in high resolution and without constraints; you are therefore free to use them at your leisure for reprints, duplication and so on.

All the photographic images will be postproduced personally by me, with interventions on small defects and optimization of brightness and colors.

In addition I will have the pleasure of giving you a selection of images converted in black and white and an "online virtual drawer" all of your own that will allow you to always carry your images with you.

What is postproduction?

As far as I'm concerned, post-production photography is aimed only at optimizing something that is already "complete" directly in the camera. Therefore do not ask me to intervene on aesthetic factors; I do not believe in "no-photogenic", but rather in the bad reading of you, of your being and of a bad use of light before shooting.

I can not hesitate to tell you that there are wonderful "grimaces".

Do you work alone?

I am the first photographer but I avail myself of collaborators on your request and in case of an event with numerous guests.

This is due to the fact that unfortunately we can not be present simultaneously in the same place and at the same time; it also allows us, given the harmony that unites us for several years, to provide you with different views of the same moments.

Do you have any special needs for the wedding day?

Nothing special. Knowing all the details of your day, for me it is very important, so everything you have taken care of and chosen to make that special day (location, fireworks, balloons and soap bubbles, games or musical entertainment, etc.) And a meal for me and my staff in the event of a long day.

And the video?

I work with trusted vidographs but I have no problem working with others chosen by you.

During the phase of our meeting I always show videos of my colleagues because, in addition to having a great admiration for their work, the harmony developed between us allows us to have a combined and symbiotic product.

How much does a photo shoot cost?

This aspect is also personalized.

It all depends on your needs (where, for how long, an operator, etc.). We can only define it with a direct approach with you and your story. Do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment so, in addition to knowing each other, we can create your package together.

Do you offer albums?

Certainly. I invite you to visit the dedicated session on this site to get an idea.

We can discuss it together when you contact me; in fact the range of products is wide and customizable in all respects (color, format, materials, the classic Wedding Album or the most modern Photobooks).

Also in this case I will follow you in choosing the product that best represents you, personally taking care of the layout and the preparation for the print.

However, I would like to point out that you will choose your photos and if you want help, I am always at your disposal.

How do we confirm your service?

Contact me both by phone and e-mail. We will fix a meeting or (beautiful technology!!) a video call or chat Whatsapp. I will give you all the information you need. And in case of my availability on that date I will arrange a contract with you to summarize all your needs. Then only a down payment is required for mutual protection.

I wait for you!!



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©2016 CORALLA OLIVIERI PHOTOGRAPHY all right reserved

P.Iva 06249350486

creativephotographers.florence@gmail.com | +39 335 8088 226 | +39 328 2661 191


©2016 CORALLA OLIVIERI PHOTOGRAPHY all right reserved

P.Iva 06249350486


 +39 335 8088 226 | +39 328 2661 191